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Current projects:
1. Project: Bearded Man : Something for you !
Do you have a beard? Yes, join us! Fill in the form at this link. We will arrange the rest by telephone. Do it, you will be left with a digitally signed print. The idea behind bearded man
2. Do you have a mustache?
I was approached by the Toon Hermanshuis Parkstad to take various photos of people with mustaches: Read more here! Toon Hermans Huis Parkstad: Do you like Mustache?


Some customers are:  Gemeente Heerlen, HeerlenmijnStad, PNOFlex, HairMatterz, The Image Way, Partner in Coaching , Buurtorganisatie GMS, R2R fest, DKR engineering Luxemburg, Stijlbeheer David Doelen Het Duitse Bakkertje JordyKeukens Wood en Decoshop Parkstad Toon Hermans huis Parkstad

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