Who am I

“If I knew how to take a good photograph, I’d do it every time”!

What is IsoGrafix and who am I!

Iso, refers to Light sensitivity.
Grafix, refers to Graphic Design.

As a photographer, I always go for the personal touch! At First consult, get to know each other, what is possible.
Just clarity and capture all.

Besides Photographing I design Logos and sometimes Website’s. Because of my technical background and musician experience, I have a completely different perspective on light and design.

My challenge is to photograph with very little light. Something that many photographers prefer to avoid. Difficult situations! To improving the situation, lies in having the clearest possible understanding of the situation. So that’s why i continue try to improve my self.

Right now I follow a next level training photography at the high School, Hasselt in Belgium.

Greetings, Michèl.


*    I purposely written this website in English. Because of my connections in Belgium, Germany, Spain and the United States.  I want to keep things fresh for everyone. All posts are a transit from Facebook, therefore in Dutch. My native language is Dutch.